P333: The final 31

I took a few extra days to finalize my choices for the fall season of Project 333. We had a cold a rainy bit last week, which was a lovely switch from the lingering heat of summer. It gave me a chance to test out my sweaters and see what fits this time around the maternity tree. I found a few gaps, mostly warm sweaters and jackets and bottoms that aren’t denim. The one sweater I have is super cozy cream colored chenille; like wearing a cloud, but not super practical since the wind blows right through. With that in mind I left a little breathing room in my 33 should I stumble across a good sweater or a black skirt. Without further ado, my 31:

  1.  Dress – 3/4 sleeve wool wrap, black
  2.  Dress – Boat neck sweater, gray*
  3.  Dress – drape neck, brown
  4.  Short T – teal
  5.  Short T – bright pink
  6.  Short T – mustard yellow w/ trim
  7. Long T – purple
  8. Long T – 3/4 sleeve, gray
  9.  Cardi – leopard print *
  10.  Cardi – crocheted sleeveless vest, tan *
  11.  Cardi –  jersey cascade, gray *
  12.  Thin Sweater – turtle neck, bright navy
  13.  Thin Sweater – cowl neck tunic, brown (borowed!)
  14.  Thin Sweater – teal and gray stripe
  15.  Thick Sweater – chenille turtle neck, cream
  16. Pants – demi-panel skinny jeans, dark
  17. Pants – demi-panel boot cut jeans, dark (these I will switch out for a full panel pair should I get a huge as I did last time. The full panel pair are too short, so I don’t like wearing them until comfort of the belly wins over comfort of the ankles.)
  18. Skirt – full panel denim a-line
  19. Leggings – black*
  20. Heels – suede wedges, black
  21. Flats – lepoard print
  22. Flats – tennies, gray and pink (I love these, but they aren’t very sturdy. I don’t think they will last the season)
  23. Boots – leather and felt, brown
  24. Boots – suede, black
  25. Necklace – long w/ turquoise
  26. Necklace – short, silver with white shell
  27. Scarf – pashmina, teal
  28. Hat – knit, purple
  29. Hat – wool pageboy, tan
  30. Jacket – full zip fleece, black * (I usually LIVE in this jacket  three seasons of the year but I can hardly zip it these days, so I’ll switch out for my red wool maternity coat shortly)
  31. Bag – yellow/tan stripes

* Not a “maternity” item. I hate buying maternity clothes that only fit when belly is present, so I’m always super excited when I can get extra lovin’ out of my regular wardrobe!

Not Included: 1 paint stained top, 1 pair jeans for working in the garden or on the new house; Hiking boots; Jammies, slippers, underwear, bras, socks, 2 camis; my Halloween costume; eye glasses and wedding ring.

Wow – when photographed it seems like a whole lot more.

While the picking part was kind of hard I’m really enjoying this project. It’s easy to find an outfit since nearly everything matches (but I shouldn’t wear my leopard flats and my leopard cardi at the same time as I’m much too young for that kind of animal print action). And everything fits – for now anyway. I find that I’m wearing my good clothes more often instead of saving them up for “a special day”. Those “special days” are limited to the next three months or so if an item is exclusively maternity and/or un-nursable, so I might as well wear them while I can. And except for the fact that I share a washing machine with two other households and I missed my laundry day last week, I don’t find that I run out of clothes as quickly as I thought.

After the last weekend consignment sale of the season I went through the kidlet’s clothes, too. I ended up with a box of maternity and baby stuff for the consignment shop, a bag for a friend and a bag for Goodwill! The Belle has a whole (small) wardrobe of cute fall/winter clothes but all she will wear is her ballerina style — complete with tutu — bathing suit from the summer. I know few other kids who get this much wear out of their bathing suit in October. Hooray for fewer things to move!


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