The Report from Days 230-267: Walls!

As of day 267 we have have insulated, sheetrocked and primed walls and ceilings. For the first time we have closed rooms. You can no longer walk through the walls. I was a bit worried that, despite a copious amount of windows, the house would feel dark. Not a problem! Even with dirty plywood floors (which are much less reflective than the finished Maple floor we have chosen) and the protective film still on the window panes, the rooms seem airy and bright! I am so pleased.

Insulated stairs

The attic with an insulated ceiling

In the last few days the boys have been installing the trim. It’s amazing how something that you pay little attention to in daily life is what really turns on a room’s cozy, finished feeling. We picked a simple style that I think suits the house well. Now that the trim and doors are installed we can paint, which means we can then install the floors, which means we can then start moving things in! Sort of. Things like the cabinets and large appliances, anyway. Sorry the pictures are so dark – it’s been rainy the last few weeks (as I’m sure you well know!)

Evan and Chris cut trim to size

Trial and Error: the menfolk hold trim while I decide what I like best

The French doors to the quietroom/library

Living room wndows with trim

And speaking of paint: In an effort to save some money and stress we picked just one color for the whole house. Well, two if you count the trim color. The walls are a pale gray with a smidgen of blue and the trim is just off white. I design with grays a lot because of  how they make other colors seem more vibrant and go with everything. I hope it will be a good neutral without looking dirty. The swatches we painted were by turns luminous and complex, so I’m excited. We also managed to snag a Labor Day special, almost by accident, on most of our paint — which is good because we have a lot of walls to cover.

Though we liked most of these colors (loved the blue on the bottom left) our final choice is the big swatch on the top left; "Fragile Blue," which is kind of poetic.

Next up, flooring. Here’s a sneak peek:

Decisions, decisions...


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