Harvest: Monday, July 25th 2011

Harvest 7.25.11

Today’s haul: 2 lbs bush beans, assorted small carrots, three small yellow onions,  5 decent sized turnips and three smallies, one beet, two tiny german butter potatoes (whoops), two pickling cuques, assorted zinnia and sunflowers and one honking huge butternut that I’m not sure is ripe yet but I can’t imagine it would be good if it got too much bigger. There are 8 butternuts on the one vine growing out of the compost bin that are already bigger than anything I bought last year. I don’t know if it’s being pregnant in this heat or what, but I’m looking forward to fall – I could go for some squash!

Sadly, I think there will be no corn this year. Someone smallish and thumbed has pulled down most of our stalks, neatly shucking all the ears worth eating. This is doubly disheartening as the corn acts as a trellis for our pole beans. As you can see from above, we still have plenty of beans from the bushes, so I don’t think we’ll be hurting. I wish I liked green beans more….

Beet and turnips

Bush beans, carrots and onions



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