The Report from Days 73-107: Windows and Doors and Roofs, Oh My!

A bit behind, it’s true. Due to shoddy internet access and a first trimester I fell way behind. I’m doing my best to catch up:

From March to April the boys worked on putting up plywood walls and roof and prepping for shingles and windows and doors.

Plywood walls

Tar paper on the roof

Evan picked out some great Anderson windows and doors that should last forever! The are double glazed and should help keep the warm in during winter and the warm out during summer.

Boxed windows

Once the roof was finished it was time to cut all the holes and lay down the first layer of tar paper.


Two days later we had windows and doors!

Windows and doors on the front...

... and on the back side


2 Comments to “The Report from Days 73-107: Windows and Doors and Roofs, Oh My!”

  1. I remember you pointing at an area of land and saying “That’s where our house will be.” It’s thrilling to see it come to fruition. How amazing to build your own house and your own property. That’s a rare experience and bond. This will truly be YOUR home. Congrats Bergen. ❤

    • Thanks Jody. There is certainly enough of our blood, sweat and tears poured into the very bones of this house. When it’s all done and the baby is a few months old we’ll have to have you come out again.

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