The Report from Days 108 – 163: Chimblies

From early April through the end of May work was concentrated on our two chimney. Even with the hollow cinder blocks it was still hot and heavy work hoisting them and huge tubs of mortar up stairs and ladders. Other than a few busted fingers and scrapped knuckles everyone lived to tell the tale.

Raw materials

West chimney and Cora

Chris works on the east chimney; almost through the first floor

East chimney almsot through the second floor

West chimney into the attic

Jonathan, chillin' in the rafters, lays some of the last blocks in the attic

West chimney through the roof

Cora helps Grandpa lay blocks for the east chimney

West chimney finished


2 Comments to “The Report from Days 108 – 163: Chimblies”

  1. that last photo is amazing!

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