The Report from Days 65-72: The Whetting Bush

The house is moving along much faster these days. Partly it’s because of the warmer weather and longer days. Partly because there are more guys working and fewer other jobs. And partly it’s because the spring rains are coming and the house needs a roof. And solid walls.

This week’s project is the attic and roof. For now the space in the attic will be one, long play and storage room with a fantastic view! Eventually we might be able to add a bathroom, a bedroom or an office.

It is very, very high, as Cora reminds me every time we arrive.

Yesterday Evan nailed an evergreen bough, traditionally called a whetting bush, to the highest rafter in celebration of a fully framed house. This is a centuries old tradition that most builders adhere to, even if none know it’s true significance. Some say it’s in thanksgiving to the forest for the raw materials. Some say it’s to wish the family good luck in their new home. Often it’s simply a ceremony to witness the passing from one stage to another and appreciate a job well done. I suppose it’s really some of all the above.

I’m thankful that we’ve gotten this far without serious problem or injury. May the blessing continue.

It is really, very high up there.

First rafters

Inside the attic

All the rafters up

The whetting bush


2 Comments to “The Report from Days 65-72: The Whetting Bush”

  1. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you guys! And very impressed by the work the guys are doing.

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