The Report from days 18-37: The floor plan

Despite a token dusting of snow (though we are expecting up to 9″ tonight) our house looks much the same as it did on day 18. We did back fill the foundation and the basement plumbing is taken care of, but otherwise not much has happened in the last few weeks. Tomorrow, all that will change.

Tomorrow we get our lumber order. As soon as they are able the boys will start framing the house. This means walls, floors, windows and a roof. This means the bones of the house. This means something to see, to touch, to understand and relate to. This means our home.

Please excuse me while I wax poetical about all this but to be perfectly honest there is only so much that I can glean from drawings, stakes in the ground and descriptions. I just can’t get a feel for how the house will really look, how the space will feel, what kind of presence the house will have on our lot, or the surrounding land, what it will feel like to walk from room to room, how the light will fall; all those things that makes a house alive. Standing in the basement gives me some idea of what the footprint of the house will be like, but even then, since it lacks anything to tie a relationship to (like stairs, doors, windows, rooms, furniture) it is ambiguous “space.”

Since I’m starting to get a better feel for what the house will be like, I though I’d share the wealth and post our floor plans. If you’d like to see a drawing of the front of the house you can find the front elevation here. We are still tweaking the upstairs bathroom(s) and not shown on the drawings is a little surprise I have planned: A secret fort and tunnel under the attic stairs that goes between the two kids bedrooms! Oh, and the big rectangle in the kitchen is an island. And yes, our mud room is THAT BIG. Mop up that drool!


Floor plan for the main floor (clockwise from bottom left): Living room & dinning room with wood stove chimney, back door, kitchen, mud/utility room, library/quiet room, bathroom, entry way and stairs.

Floor plan for upstairs (clockwise from bottom left): Kid's bed, attic stairs, kid's bed, bathroom(s) Master bed or two kids beds, upstairs play area, stairs to main floor.


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