The report from days 1 – 4

Well – due to a very slow internet connection, an iPhoto uploader that refuses to work and some last minute Christmas making and baking, this isn’t going to be the glorious post I had envisioned…..Alas. Pictures next week!

We have a hole! A very big basement-like hole. They dug the whole hole on Monday, set the footers Tuesday, set the forms Wednesday and are pouring today. Tomorrow we can pull the forms away and just like that, I give you Basement! We managed to fit a surprising number of windows into the basement on all sides, which I am very glad about as I thought the apartment would get almost all the light.

This, is, as I’m sure you can imagine, very exciting. Cora loved watching the front-end loader digging the hole and would have spent the entire day standing in the sub-zero blasting wind if I’d let her. I enjoy getting more of a feel for how big the house will be. I wasn’t very good at visualizing a whole house from a few stakes in a field. Standing in the basement I get a MUCH better idea. The funny thing is that I keep going back and forth on how I feel about the size. Sometimes I start to panic because it feels so small (though I’m pretty sure both of the apartments I’ve lived in could, combined, fit on any one floor) while other times it seems too big (read: expensive). I know one thing for sure, I know I’m not looking forward to being a debt for the first time ever.

After such a slow start things seems to be blazing right along.

I’m enjoying my early Christmas present and I wish you all a very merry holiday.


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