The Devil’s in the Details

Before I type any more I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s read so far and left us a reply! You all had such great suggestions that now we’re rethinking our design to see if we can incorporate some of them. Thanks for reading and for your ideas. Keep ’em coming!

So. We’re designing this house. As far as modern houses go what we have in mind isn’t very complicated: a big rectangle, two stories, basement, attic, front door, back door. Maybe room in the back to add on in 20 years. Your basic house house. Cheap to build, easy on the eyes, easy on the budget. Except for trying to decide if we can finagle a walkout basement (which of course, determines where on the lot the house will sit. Haha – no biggie, right?) there really isn’t much else to decide about the outside except how big. But the inside is a killer. It’s like having a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces keep changing size, shape and color and sometimes overlap!

“If we take two feet from this bedroom then we can fit a shower in the bathroom, but then the stairs have to move and we can’t move the chimney!”

“Can turn this room sideways and make the hall shorter, whoops… there goes the bathroom door. Nevermind”

“How about we….”

“What if we….”

We could probably go on for years with all the different combinations! But when do we stop? When is it good enough? We don’t know how many kids we’ll have. Maybe quadruplets. Maybe my studio will take off and I’ll need more room. Maybe Evan will start working from home and we’ll need even MORE room. Maybe we’ll just have the Belle. Maybe we’ll end up paying for all this space we don’t need. It is a thin line between enough and too much.

We want our house to be as comfortable as possible in all stages of our occupancy. We also want the house to work for us instead of the other way around. Here’s some ideas we’ve come up with:

– 2 kid bedrooms upstairs and 1 double-big master with a small nursery at one end. The master can be chopped into two smaller bedrooms if needed.

– Two toilets upstairs with a shared bath tub. We’re still working on this one.

– A huge multi-purpose utility room for pantry, laundry, mud room, outdoor gear storage, work room. We can put walls up when we discover how we use this space the most.

– Open and flexible kitchen/ dinning room/ family room for every day living

– A “quiet room” for library storage, studying, or working.

– A full apartment in the basement can be rented out when we don’t need the space.

– A huge garden and chicken coop to feed us, use up our table scraps and eat those darn ticks and stink bugs.

How do you make your house work double duty for you?


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